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The Coolest Light for Cold Places


  • Designed and optimised exclusively for use in insulated envelope chilled and frozen environments
  • Huge energy savings – over 75% when compared with Metal Halide
  • Low energy – High performance light output
  • Wide choice of beam angles available to optimise use of available light
  • Almost zero heat gain in the cold area, reducing refrigeration costs
  • Save energy, save money

Olivewood Chil-LED™ is the only lighting system that is exclusively designed for use in refrigerated environments. Chil-LED™ is unique in that the compact, lightweight LED light source is the only part of the system that is actually inside the cold area. All of the other components – the electronic control systems, heat sink, mounting brackets – are situated outside the cold room, in the ambient environment. Chil-LED™ is the leading energy saving cold store lighting product on the market.

Chil-LED mounted through ceiling insulation


  • Low profile and small size reduces intrusion and ceiling clutter
  • Smooth, simple form, easy to clean and prevents dirt build-up
  • Polycarbonate construction for light weight and durability
  • Save energy, save money

Chil-LED™ overcomes the traditional conflict between good lighting and efficient refrigeration in cold rooms. Lights are sources of heat and, in cold rooms, heat gain from lighting is a costly problem. Maintaining a refrigerated environment is an energy-intensive operation. The air conditioning equipment uses power as it works to remove heat. LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are exceptionally efficient light sources. However 70% of the energy that they consume is lost as waste heat. In ordinary lights, this unwanted heat by-product is radiated into the cold room. Olivewood Chil-LED™ uses an advanced heat transit system, known as a heat pipe, to extract the heat from the light at source. It is then redirected and transported through the insulated envelope ceiling, and dissipated outside the cold store.

Size Comparison - to Scale

Chil-LED™ is far superior in it’s design and application. Olivewood has made Chil-LED™ the first choice when it comes to replacing increasingly obsolete lighting systems within cold places.

chil-led size comparison with traditional low bay light

Design Features

design features of olivewood chil-led


  • Simple, fast installation
  • Single penetration through insulation for wiring, mounting bracket and heat evacuation
  • All connections and controls are outside the insulated envelope, for easy access and improved reliability
  • Save energy, save money

Cold room designers insist on maintaining the integrity of the insulated walls and ceiling panels of the cold room. Every hole through a panel needs to be completely sealed to prevent warm, moist air from entering the temperature controlled area, creating problems with condensation and icing. Most lights have multiple mounting points and a separate cable entry point - all of which require holes in the insulation to be drilled, filled and sealed. The unique Olivewood Chil-LED™ design combines the mounting bracket, cable entry and heat extraction system in one unit, which requires only a single mounting hole. This design reduces installation costs and ensures the integrity of the insulated panel.


  • Sealed to IP65
  • Top quality, long life, UK manufactured LED driver modules
  • Latest generation LED chips and lenses
  • Designed and assembled in the UK
  • 5 Year Extended Warranty
  • Save energy, save money

Chil-LED™ is an ultra-low profile design, reducing ceiling clutter, maximising usable space and avoiding the possibility of impact from fork lift trucks. In cases where ceiling clearance is very tight, Chil-LED™ can even be recessed into the insulated panel, creating a flush, level surface. Olivewood Chil-LED™ is a unique, bespoke and innovative lighting system that offers a wide spectrum of features and benefits. It is unrivalled in its efficiency, performance, practicality, quality and reliability. Chil-LED™ provides maximum immediate and long term financial savings with excellent returns on investment.

Technical Specifications

Product Version Chil-LED 56 Chil-LED 80
LED Power 56 Watts 80 Watts
System Power 63 Watts 87 Watts
Voltage Range 220-240Vac rms nominal 220-240Vac rms nominal
Power Factor 95 95
Drive Current 350mA 500mA
LED Efficacy 120Lm/W 115Lm/W
LED Initial Output 6720Lm 9200Lm
Maintained Lumens 6600Lm 8400Lm
CCT 5000 5000
CRI 80 80
Beam Angle 26⁰ / 50⁰ / 80⁰26⁰ / 50⁰ / 80⁰ 26⁰ / 50⁰ / 80⁰26⁰ / 50⁰ / 80⁰
Weight TBA 3.15KG
Driver Type Harvard Engineering CLQ2700S-240-C Harvard Engineering CLQ21000S-240-C
Driver Qty 1 2
Driver Efficiency 89% 89%
Heat Pipe Capacity 60 Watts 60 Watts
Mounting Cutout Dia 34mm 34mm
Max Insulation Thickness 200mm 200mm
Min Insulation Thickness 50mm 50mm

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